Zombie Invasion Feedback:

I was not able to attend ... but all the boys in my troop loved it. LOVED IT!
The "uniform" for our last meeting was the bloody T-shirts.
It sounds like you did a fabulous job in your planning and execution of this event.
My thanks to you and your many volunteers. (zombieteers?)
Mike Betz
ASM T-123

I want to applaud you and your crew for a very well thought out and organized Camporee. My son went without knowing anyone and had an amazing time. I have to admit I enjoyed myself as well very much. At one point you asked for constructive criticism, and the only nit that may be served by a bit of picking was the sword element. I see how the sword may have been provided in an effort for balance or for enough time for the "cure" to be recovered, but I think that it was asking alot of adrenalin pumped boys to pull back from zombie-whacking, especially with the build-up and dead of night. Thank, thank-you for all of you and your staff's hard work and preparation- it showed!!

Mitch Darden, Troop 1526

First, let me again say that you guys put on an incredible Camporee this past weekend.  The amount of time and effort that went into it was truly impressive and the result was that the boys had a great experience.  Thank you for all your time and effort to make this happen!

One of my cub scout dads is missing their two sleeping bags.  They were in black plastic trash bags and we moved them down to the tables by the road this morning with the rest of the gear.  Whoever has them will get a bit of a surprise if they open one of the bags as the boy threw up in it Friday night and it probably smells a bit ‘ripe’.

Randy Smith, Troop 330

Compliments to you and your staff on running the event.  It was the most well organized of the Camporees I have attended since we joined the troop.

Eric Wilson, Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 27

Back from Zombie Invasion!! great weather, great weekend. scouts had fun even when Shane twisted his ankle in the Zombie attack and got to ride around in the Humvee for an hour. Think us humans won the attack so all is good. Staff was great. Scouts from Troop 248 did another fantastic job with the opening Flag Ceremony.

Gary Bishop, Troop 248 (on FaceBook)

You all did a great job on this year's Camporee. The boys had a great time. I don't know who was in charge of the weather, but they must have some great connections.
Cindy Iversen - Troop 248

While I've never been much of a sci-fi fan, I thought you guys did a phenomenal job with the production.  The roving H2 with eerie lights, sounds and voices.  The MREs.  The costumes and the setting.  All led to a most unique experience.  You probably missed your calling by not becoming a film director!  :)

The only real criticism I have is in regards to the Saturday night action.  I think many of the younger scouts (say, under 13) were a bit vulnerable.  I saw many who were too frightened to participate.  Some afraid of the zombies, some afraid of getting lost in the dark or injuring themselves in the darkened woods.  But the older scouts seemed to really enjoy the zaniness of the event.  We were all quite lucky we didn't get the typical autumnal Hahobas rain-fest.  :)

So thanks for the incalculable hours you must have put into organizing and running this operation.
John Carlson, Troop 212

You have a great group there. No wonder it is such a popular Camporee!

PK Dan, Staff Cook

On behalf of the scouts and adult leaders of Troop 71 thanks for all of the hard work. This truly was a superb event.

I believe many of the boys will remember this weekend as one of the very best in their scouting experience.

Jim Sagen, Troop 71


Last updated on October 29, 2010

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